Prochan F.A.Q

What is ProChan exactly?

ProChan is a powerful, open-minded social networking site that enables you to create your own social media platform (, without worrying about any technical details or hosting.

What makes ProChan so “Pro” ?

  • Create your own channel and boards: and
  • Allows your users to upload videos in HD.
  • Branding possibilities to automatically add the board link to an uploaded video or image.
  • We support SSL encryption for your boards and channels (
  • Anonymous posting for registered and non-registered visitors (if board has this enabled)
  • Mass message board, channel and your own subscribers
  • Your channel and its boards are fully configurable:
    - Add and remove modules for your channel and boards (chat, recent activity etc)
    - Graphics and layout
    - Custom user groups (infraction, reward user groups etc)
    - Allow your users to use the facebook comment plugin and or the integrated prochan comment system
    - Define advanced permissions for each user group (enabling uploads, banning certain countries, auto approve etc)
    - etc. etc…..

How do I get started with my own channel on ProChan?

  • Create your account by clicking on the “register” link at the top of the page You can either fill in the form to create an account through prochan or login with your facebook or twitter account. Note: creating an account through prochan will result in faster loading times while browsing the site.
  • Feel free to add a profile image and configure other profile settings by going to the “profile settings” link under your user menu (by clicking on the user name at the top-right).

  • Your new account allows you to start your own channel: Click on your user menu. Now select the “add channel” link in the menu that opens and fill in all the fields.

  • Feel free to add a custom channel user group, for instance: infraction ban group or a reward group. For instance:
    Name: Infraction Ban
    - Info: User group for users with 5 or more infraction points
    - Auto joining: Based on infraction points
    - Auto join amount: 5
    - Lock member in: Checked.

    After you’ve added this user group you will be taken to the channel configuration page where you can configure the channel and all user group permissions.
  • Configure channel:
    - For now keep the channel closed until we have all the boards added and fully configured!
    - Add specific channel rules if needed (these apply for your channel in addition to the general site rules)
    - Select the layout mode (Imageboard or Forum mode)
    - Configure whether you want to show replies as comments (facebook style)
    - Configure whether threads expire or should always stay active
    - Configure the user group permissions, allowing you to disable access to certain countries or certain user groups
    - Etc. etc….
  • Configure the channel graphics by clicking the configure graphics link in the channel menu
  • Start adding boards (which can be defined as sections within your channel) by clicking on the “add board” link:

    The access part is part of the board link. It makes most sense to name it the same as the board name (but not necessary)
  • Same as for the channel, we can also configure custom user groups for each board
  • We should configure the board in a similar way as the channel configuration. Each board can have a different configuration or inherit the same configuration from the channel. Also, you should configure the user permissions for each board.
  • Configure the graphics for the board (optional, otherwise the channel graphics will be inherited)
  • Create an introduction thread and make this sticky so it will remain at the top of the board.
  • Once we have all in place we can go ahead and open the board by setting the CLOSE BOARD status (in board configuration) to NO
  • We can add as many boards as we want to, once we are happy , we should open the channel to the public by changing the CLOSE CHANNEL to NO (in the channel configuration).

Board Configuration

* Enabling facebook commenting on your board

In order to enable facebook commenting for your board you need to make sure to use the configuration below:
- Have thread replies act as comments: YES
- Use facebook comments: YES

Then for each user group (Guest, Registered etc) make sure to set the following fields:
- can_add_thread_replies: YES
- can_delete_own_thread_replies: YES (since facebook gives users the option to delete their comment)
- require_moderation_for_thread_replies: NO (since the facebook plugin instantly displays the comment without approval)

Board and Channel Modules

ProChan allows you to modify the modules that are active on your boards and channels. At the moment we offer several modules and plan to continuously add new ones.

* Recent activity module (enabled by default)

This module shows all the recent activity of a particular board or channel. You can set the optional "IN" parameter to tell the module what activity (board, channel or all of prochan) you would like to display on your board or channel.

* Chat module (enabled by default)

When this module is enabled, a chat bar at the bottom of the channels or boards will be activated for registered users that are currently browsing on your channel. Note that all users that are part of the channel (not just a particular board) will be shown as online.

Themes and templates

ProChan allows channel and board owners to change the look of their channel based on a theme. A theme consists of a collection of templates. For each channel or board module there is a template that defines the look of the module. We can re-use existing themes (created by other users) or create our own theme from scratch.

Creating a theme

When creatign a theme, the following tag structure can be used on the templates:
1. {variable_name}
2. {con: condition1} this is displayed when condition1 is true{/con: ondition1}
3. {loop: post} {post.title}
{/loop: post}

Note: each module has different variable and tag names that can be used.

Reward and Infraction- points

Users can earn reward points and can get punished by infraction points. Users earn 5 reward points when their thread is approved and 1 reward point when their thread reply is approved.
If a thread or thread reply is rejected then they can get up to 1 infraction point (depending on the decision of the moderator of the board)

Posting on Prochan

Depending on the configured board permissions you will be able to add post replies and or threads. A post reply (or comment) is a reply to a thread. A board can have many threads with each having 0 or more post replies.
Depending on the configured permissions you may be able to choose to have your post become anonymous. An anonymous post will not reveal your login name (with the exception to the board and channel owner). Non-anonymous posts will show your login name. In case a guest user (a user without a prochan account), posts non-anonymous, an identifier tag will be displayed next to the subject of the post.

Mass Messaging

For user groups that have this permission (configurable for each channel and board) it's possible to send out a message to a group of subscribers of a specific board, channel or subscribers on your account. This is a very useful tool to inform a group of subscribers about channel/board news, planned updates etc.

Moderating your board

As board owner you are in charge of the content of your board. You can decide to give certain user groups permission to help you with the moderation of the board.
A post (thread or thread reply/comment) can have the following moderation status values:
- awaiting moderation -> for user groups whose newly created posts require your moderation
-“pre-approved” -> for user groups whose posts automatically get “pre-approved (as a result the user gets 1 reward point for a thread reply (comment) or 5 points for a thread
- “approved” -> posts that have been approved by you or your staff. As a result of this approval the poster will get 1 reward point for a thread reply (comment) or 5 reward points for an approved thread
-“approved but changes to approve” -> for posts that have been modified by the poster and require your moderation
- “rejected”-> posts that have been rejected by you or the moderator (possibility to give infraction for rejected posts). Keep in mind that rejected posts can still be visible IF the direct post url is entered.
- “deleted” -> posts that have been deleted by you, a moderator or the poster. You can also give an infraction for deleted posts. Deleted posts are not accessible anymore

Moderation tools:

Mass deleting posts from a certain poster

Users that have both the "can delete any thread reply" and can "delete any thread" will be able to mass delete all recent posts (last 24 hours and having the moderation status awaiting moderation or pre-approved), from a certain poster (guest or registered poster). You can do this by clicking on the post user name and selecting the "delete all recent posts by this user on board...."

Users that have the modify channel permission can do the above but then for the entire channel.

What content does ProChan prohibit?

  • Any copy written material without the owner's permission.
  • Media which is deemed to be illegal in the United States of America including, but not limited to child pornography or bestiality. In these cases the media will be removed, your account will be banned, and any information we have will be passed on to the relevant authorities.
  • Uploads showing the poster involved in criminal activity.
  • Soft- and Hardcore pornography. We do not host softcore or hardcore pornography of any kind. 
  • Videos or images depicting nudity for the purposes of / created for titillation or sexual gratification are not acceptable.
  • Video or images containing glorification of graphic violence. Note: graphic media is allowed as long as it is presented in a non-glorifying and factual way
  • Posts containing personal information other than the posters personal information.
  • Spam or flooding
  • Posts containing external links to content that violates any prochan rules.


Globals variables
{default_thumbnail_url} : default thumbnail url
“Board list” module

{board_list_title} : displays the title of the board list, for instance: “Boards in channel funny”
{board_list_pages_part} : displays pages part of the board list
{board.relative_url} : relative url of board (compatible with https)
{board.thumbnail_url} : url to thumbnail location for board
{} : name of board
{board.category} : category of this board, for instance: entertainment
{board.rating} : rating of this board, for instance: General Audiences
{board.last_post_date_string} : string containing information when the board got its last post
{board.number_of_posts} : number of posts within board
{board.total_file_size_string} : string containing the total file size of board

{loop: board_category} : array containing board category information
- {board_category.url} : url to filter category
- {} : name of category, for instance “Entertainment”
- {board_category.number_of_boards} : how many boards are within this category
{loop: board_rating}: array containing information about the board ratings:
- {board_rating.url} : url for rating filter
- {} : rating, for instance “General Audiences”
- {board_rating.number_of_boards} : how many boards have this rating

{con: multiple_board_categories}: is true if there are more than 1 different categories, for instance board a: funny category, board b: news category

{con: multiple_board_ratings}: is true if there are more than 1 different board ratings within this list

{con:board.current_user.has_access}: true if current user has access to this board

“Thread list module  (type:channel)”


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