Nov-19-2012 (#18651) By: Ggee (points: 1, rank: 4574)

FOCUS on how GOOD this is!
Besides being honored to have been treated to the grandeur of this moment by a cameraman who I must also thank, ... I am so pleased to know that this group if divers will get to relive what, no doubt, has been the greatest moment their lives, and will get to see it over and over and over again and again!

What a fantastic thing to share with the world! I am so joyed to be able to view this, listen to it, and "immerse" myself in your moment of a most significant act of love and kindness. I wish, hope, pray, cast a personal commandment that all the world will do more and more of these kinds of acts. If everyone would give so much love and kindness to every being, this life experience will become very heaven, paradise like.

Now go Pay It Forward as soon as you can! Remember this scene and re-create the feeling every chance you can. Please do it people! I beg that we all do it. Please?

Nice work divers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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