Sep-27-2014 (#77729) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

Man 'gutting' himself.
A man with mental health disembowels himself on a public street in a very painful way to commit suicide.

Aug-29-2014 (#73979) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

Full beheading of James Foley by I.S.I.S
The beheading of American James Foley.
Starts with air strikes on ISIS trucks, goes to a man in orange with the 2nd in black. he The man in orange speaks first followed the man in black, he then 'cuts' the others throat. Here begins my impression.
A 3rd man enters and really cuts his head off.
The video ends like the original with the aftermath and Steve S. is held up

The list of full Islamic State beheading videos.
Steven Sotloff
David Hains
Alan Henning

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Jul-28-2014 (#71081) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

3 burnt men. Ukraine.
Three soldiers burnt to a crisp, unknown weather they were alive at the time or not.

Jul-24-2014 (#70706) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

Hamas sniper shoots Israeli soldier.
Sniper takes out arm of a tank crew member. Footage from Gaza 2014.

Jul-11-2014 (#69541) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

Making of double suicide.
Making the background for double suicide. A high rise that tapers off to give a sense of height with a blue sky backing.

Jun-24-2014 (#67795) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

I.S.I.S. hand amputation.
A man has one of his hands removed, crime unknown, footage was filmed in The Islamic State. (North Iraq)

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Jun-22-2014 (#67523) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

Man with no genitals.
This was a widely seen video of the man who cut off his own dick and balls. I animated the first part and then just moved the doll myself after the speech.

Jun-11-2014 (#66376) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

Two videos, the first is the a preacher who has a heart attack with talking at the alter.
Second is behind the scene.

Jun-2-2014 (#65261) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

Man beheaded with a machette.
A man in Syria is beheaded from back to front with a machete. His head is placed on his own shoulder at the end.

May-13-2014 (#63740) By: Jon Evil (points: 2699, rank: 10)

Sniper shoots solider.
A rebel sniper takes aim and shoots one of two soldiers on top of a building.