Jan-3-2013 (#22717) By: Tubezzz (points: 4420, rank: 7)

LA's Local KDOC's New Years Show Of FAIL (ends with a brawl)
Have you seen KDOC's new years eve's live party special? of course you haven't. but that's ok, Luckily for you somebody taped it and edited a 'highlight' reel complete with the countless F-bombs, dead air, glitches and awkward pauses that comprised this trainwreck of a gig.

All celebrities that were supposed to attend the event were a noshow, (Mario Lopez, Eva Longoria, Joey Lawrence and Jennifer Love Hewitt"), So the station had to fill 90 minutes with Jamie Kennedy, a clearly high Macy Gray, and Bone Thugs N' Harmony who didn't get the memo regarding bad language.

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Jan-6-2013 (#22910) By: FuknDudeA (points: 1, rank: 5128)

WoW. That was the best New Years Broadcast I have ever seen. For the hard work and effort put into this show I bet Alot of people will be receiving there last paychecks the following work day. Haha

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Jan-7-2013 (#22984) By: Guest user - Id: r0yvcTQ.fY

amazing. all tv should be so good

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Jan-18-2013 (#24094) By: Guest user - Id: FP7Qy9q7hE

its not that bad
but the hosts and singers are high and drunk as hell

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Nov-29-2013 (#45316) By: jack wify (points: 5, rank: 1661)

One fell while welding on the upper part of the bridge, one drowned, two men fell from a catwalk on the north side of the bridge and one had an accident while diving.
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