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Thief accidentally shoots himself in head while looking for something to steal from hotel
A thief lost his right eye after shooting himself accidentally with a 9mm pistol during a robbery at a hotel in Peru.

Cordova Antonio Ruiz, 19, entered the house with an accomplice and after subjecting the guard, forced the clerk to open the cash register.

Ruiz tried desativar Cordova surveillance system hold his gun. Activated accidentally and the bullet pierced his eye. Theft mate chose to escape and leave.

According to the portal Perú21, Córdova continued with the robbery but later asked for help. Police arrested him and took him to hospital Dos de Mayo, located in the district of La Victoria, Lima. (google translate)

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dint see it coming

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Do i have proof it was a real loaded gun your honor?.........Yes i do!

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I bet you she was praying something along the lines of.... "Oh God please help me....". and SHAAAAAZZZAAAAAMMMM!!!!! Prayer answered!!!!!

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