Nov-13-2013 (#44000) By: Tubezzz (points: 4420, rank: 7)

Here's one for the ol' bucket list
I'd rather walk thanks.

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Nov-13-2013 (#44010) By: somejackball - Id: y/JmNwt./Q


Nov-13-2013 (#44016) By: TimBenzidrene - Id: fv5fPk06GI

I wonder how often they have to replace the upholstery in that van?? If I didn't soil it, I would have damn sure ripped it up with my sphincter muscles!!

Nov-13-2013 (#44018) By: pc123 (points: 6373, rank: 6)

No thank you!

Nov-13-2013 (#44039) By: Camaro_Child - Id: mYRpPLObyU

I suppose California drivers won't be TEXTING on this road.

Nov-13-2013 (#44042) By: Martin - Id: Gb9LZuznnw

Does anyone know where this was filmed?

Nov-16-2013 (#44192) By: Guest user - Id: FOWy00TuFM

Up in the Himalayas

Nov-19-2013 (#44401) By: Ali - Id: YxIQhmfftk

Most likely somewhere in Northern Pakistan.

Nov-14-2013 (#44053) By: Uncle AL - Id: qR/dtd5S22

Is this a TWO lane road or one-way only? What happens when you meet someone coming from the opposite direction? What if there is a problem or road washout and you have to go back? Anyplaces to turn around? Is there a speed limit?
Just watching this made my blood pressure and pulse rate climb high. Meanwhile the people in the van are laughing as if they are inebriated in some fashion.

Nov-15-2013 (#44135) By: CitizenBane - Id: l8Sw62tCag

It's in India, in the Himalaya, the road from Killar in Pangi Valley to Kishtwar, Kashmir. Compare with this video:

Nov-15-2013 (#44162) By: Guest user - Id: vAZPcn4.eE

you're right

Nov-15-2013 (#44137) By: Guest user - Id: /dx3rnDjRM

ice road truckers were on roads like that one year delivering goods in big trucks in peru and chilie

Nov-17-2013 (#44280) By: dicksenormous (points: 162, rank: 68)

I think I'll be walking is well

Nov-17-2013 (#44287) By: arthur ebregt - Id: qSIwfZ2u/k

That' s really spectacular and obviously you are enjpying it. Where is that road?

Nov-22-2013 (#44652) By: Guest user - Id: 7hBVhv5Uow

fucking insane

Nov-22-2013 (#44663) By: Solonge - Id: K6L2s/AmuM

and what happens if the car breaks down?

Dec-16-2013 (#47096) By: Oz - Id: pWrA6J3ZHg

You just roll it off the cliff.

Nov-23-2013 (#44762) By: Alan - Id: Mv.k7MrOFk

Crikey, the bucket list.
I would need a bucket alright.

Jan-11-2014 (#52428) By: Rogerio Coqueiro - Id: 5.2wgPOnEA

isso é que é maluquice

Feb-8-2014 (#54931) By: Jimmy420 (points: 2, rank: 3143)

That's not a road. That's a fucking cliff on the side of a mountain.