Oct-22-2012 (#15309) By: brrrtmn (points: 18092, rank: 1)

Man electrocuted to death
Brazil - 2 others injured

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Oct-21-2014 (#80010) By: TowLauncher (points: 1789, rank: 12)

What is it with Brazillians and power lines? It's like something of an epidemic!

Oct-10-2014 (#78852) By: radek11 (points: 223, rank: 54)

Well done !

May-28-2014 (#64844) By: stall88 (points: 46, rank: 222)

not sure if tragic accident, or most brazillians are retarded.

Mar-31-2014 (#59602) By: psycho joe - Id: KrAf1iUHTU

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I can smell him from here, nicely done should be tasty !.

Nov-18-2013 (#44347) By: ScoobyDoobyDoo (points: 608, rank: 26)

Oh hell yeah ! Climb right up and hang onto the dill-rod touching the power lines !

Nov-4-2012 (#16906) By: T135T0 (points: 54, rank: 182)

sheesh that was a bolt outta the blue

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