Jan-9-2013 (#23171) By: als (points: 14988, rank: 3)

Intense Cat Fight / Кошачья разборка
Watch until the end / Смотреть до конца

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Nov-27-2014 (#84205) By: Pablo Fernandez Brown (points: 3, rank: 2632)

Epic end

Jun-19-2014 (#67178) By: Guest user - Id: PNz2KgcdIs

While the owners a cunt, the cat could have ended up a lot worse had he left it there.

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Nov-25-2013 (#44896) By: pc123 (points: 6375, rank: 6)


Nov-4-2013 (#43508) By: TentPicker - Id: aViB5mPBfg

The perfect ending. LOL!

Nov-10-2013 (#43794) By: scoffy (points: 10, rank: 894)

Yes sir! :-)

Oct-26-2013 (#42937) By: dawn911 (points: 227, rank: 55)


Oct-12-2013 (#41801) By: willstopatnothin - Id: sBdtNEBevc


Oct-1-2013 (#40834) By: Guest user - Id: eADCKrfQn2

that fucker needs to be tied up and let a bunch of starving cats at him

Oct-9-2013 (#41570) By: Caffelix (points: 134, rank: 92)

Come on that cat could take a kick. I've seen cats survive falls from 5 meters down on flat concrete.