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eeeaaa ---- VIDEO:
06h ===|||>
Guest brrrtmn. Aug-28-2016

Beautiful dogs.

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IMWally brrrtmn. Aug-28-2016

My dad said I didn't know shit from ShineOla, but I think the Pit Bull did it.
And he should bite that guy's hand and really give him something to bitch about.

Eha ===|||>
megan brrrtmn. Sep-19-2016

these doggies are so sweet , I know abused dogs they run , this doggie knows what he did wrong and didn't run so your not abusing him , its amazing how sweet they are xoxoxoxo

E3O ===|||>
The Irishman brrrtmn. Oct-20-2016

Should've taken a shit in his shoes instead.
Beautiful doggies.